Friday, April 30, 2010


Dear Students

Thank you very much for learning the course of town planning. I wish you all the success and hapiness in life. I believe all my students are wonderful people. I have always tried not just to teach you people but learn from you. Everytime when I come in contact with you I tried to share all my knowledge and understanding about Town Planning in our society. Teaching about Town Planning has always been a very innovative and humbling experience for me. I taught this subject since January 2001 and each year a new learning come across through my students. This year I also learned alot from you and would like to THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR RESPECT TO MY WORDS AND DEEDS. Finally I just like to give you the last lecture of this course.

I believe town planning is all about understanding the realities about your city, its people and the behaviour of society at large. As people in society are very much different from each other it is nearly impossible to understand the total social behaviours of people. Everything is very fluid in cities and it requires continuous learning and comprehension. Always try to understand the viewpoints and standpoints of others. Many things we learn over the period of time. It is time that teaches us everything and make us mature. Our understanding always grow and develope over the period of time. Just like when we were kids we used to like sweets but when we grow old we don't like it any more. Therefore I think we must not jump to the conclusions very quickly and take positions while making judgments about people. We need to think and think again. Because TOWN PLANNING IS ALL ABOUT THINKING PROCESS.

Best of Luck and Humble Regards.